Our Team

“Nebcreations specializes in high quality, on-time designs and excellent customer services to communicate and market your company to the fullest. We have years of experience exceeding large and small organizations communications expectations. Let us save you time and make you look good. Our goal is to help your business become successful by offering our competitive designs, giving you the knowledge and provide you with the expertise you deserve.”

Nancy Boyd
CEO, Graphic and Web Designer

“My name is Nancy Boyd and I am proud to be the founder and CEO designer of Nebcreations. The name “Nebcreations” started when I was still in college. It wasn’t until October 1, 2008, that my team and I made the decision to make the name into a legal business. My team and I did the best of our ability to make this business a success. We look forward to working with you and your business. If you have any questions about our services or would like to place an order for us to create your designs, please contact me. My team and I look forward to be working with you in the future.”

Kevin Boyd
Operations Manager

“My Name is Kevin Boyd and I am the Office Manager, husband of Nancy Boyd, and co founder of Nebcreations. I am responsible for handling all of the management tasks and daily operations. My wife introduced me to the idea of running a business when she was a freelance designer. Since Nebcreations has started, it has been a pleasure working one on one with our customers. I look forward to any questions you have for me”.

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