“I met Nancy when Super Bowl was last in South Florida. She was on one of the businesses selected in a very stringent process to be part of the Super Bowl Diversity procurement and business development program that the NFL implements in each Super Bowl region. She quickly established herself as one of the businesses to watch for, as she attended all of the events we offered and was very active in ensuring she met with the right people and made the right connections in order to increase her opportunities for business. She is diligent, highly capable and an asset to any project.”

Tisha M Ford

Consultant, Business Coach, Corporate Wellness

Pervious Work: National Football League


“Nancy Boyd did a phenomenal job on my company logo and my website, Pilates51.com, taking my own vague notions of what it should look like and creating a clean, beautiful, easily navigable site. She was great to work with, alternately listening to my comments and steering me in the right direction, always with the welfare of my site in mind above any impulse to play “yes-girl”. I value her honesty and creativity, not to mention value! I’ve recommended her several times to friends and colleagues and am very happy to give her 5 stars. Thanks Nancy!’

Camilla Wilkinson
Team Beachbody Coach


Unique Charters Inc.


Hi Nancy,

We here at UCI would like to thank you for all of your help with our website. It was a pleasure working alongside you and your husband during this process. We strive to be professional as well as build relationships with our customers and it was refreshing to see that your company did that as well. Too many companies out there get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of business and forget that building relationships with your clients is what promotes longevity. From the first visit in which you tried to understand my vision, the second visit where you laid out your plan to bring my vision to life, to the launching of our website. It all felt like a painless process that I was going through with an old friend. I look forward to building our new website (for our newest business venture) with you. In closing, I want to say that I would recommend your services to anybody that’s looking for quality work, friendly customer service with a smile, all for a great price. You can count on me to send anyone who asks for a referral, straight to NEBCREATIONS!

Operations Manager
Unique Charters Inc.

Myra Solomon


“Nancy, is the constipate professional, you are always able to depend on Nancy when she gives you her word, which speaks volumes about her etiquette skills and integrity. Nancy has a very personable and growing web design business. She is very patient and conscientious with all of her clients and will tell you honestly if you would be better off going to someone else outside of her best work and expertise. Nancy believes in connecting people together to do business. I recommend Nancy Boyd and Nebcreations for their ability to work with a wide array of clients, and for taking the time and attention even for smaller businesses. Kudos Nancy you have my recommendation!”

Gina Ortela,


“Nancy did a great job on our NFSF logo!
We brainstormed on the concept together, and she created the image that the foundation was looking for.”


Frederick Leidecker


“I liked my business cards. We did them in the quickest time possible. When I reorder, I’d like to add something on the reverse side of the card. Anyway, you did a great job.”


Pati Vargas


“I would like to recommend Ms. Nancy Boyd of Nebcreations for any endeavor she plans on doing. During the time I’ve known Ms. Boyd, I’ve seen her diligence and perseverance with her company. She would be an asset to any project she is a part of.”


Manny Sarmiento


“Exceptional people! Very professional and caring about offering customer service. Highly recommended!”


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